Meet Sophie and Scottie


“This room is perfect girls,” Mrs. Murray announced to Sophie and Scottie as they entered the room, “go ahead and sit over there on the sofa.”

“Yes Ma’am,” both girls replied at the same time (as twins often do.)

“What I’d like for you both to talk about in this interview is a little about your life on this ranch and a little bit about yourselves; Sophie you can start.”

“Me? Okay, I have to admit that I feel a little weird talking about myself, so here goes,” Sophie began with a nervous giggle. “I love Shear Heaven Ranch; the sheep are adorable and we sell their wool right here off the ranch. Pa told us we live on 10,000 acres, so Scottie and I have lots of room to ride our horses.”

“That sounds like a perfect place to explore,” Mrs. Murray commented.

“It is!” Scottie enthusiastically blurted out, “we even have a huge pond with a wood dock that Pa built just for us so we can run and jump into the water.”

“Hey Scottie, it’s my turn to talk right now!”

“Oh, sorry sis.”

“Let me see, about myself,” Sophie continued, “I’m 11 and a half years old and I am Scottie’s big sister!”

“Oh brother,” Scottie interrupted while rolling her eyes.

“Well, it’s true; I was born first so I am your older sister!” Sophie answered in an authoritative tone, “I have long straight and dark brown hair that I make sure is brushed nicely or in a clip. I have green eyes that get even greener when I wear that color, so green is my favorite color! I like to shop with Ma for clothes when we go into town; I like outfits that go together.”

“You mean like style and color?” Mrs. Murray asked while writing down notes.

“Yes Ma’am,” Sophie answered, “I also love to ride Firefly, my horse, and to swim in the pond. Scottie likes to tease me because I wear water shoes in the pond; I don’t like to touch slimy things on the bottom of it when I stand up.”

“I wouldn’t like to step on slimy things either,” Mrs. Murray agreed, “okay, anything else?

“Let’s see, I love school and I do my homework after we eat our snack when we get home because we usually have chores to do too, we all on the ranch have to pitch in to get everything done daily. Um, what else, my teachers say that I need to speak up a little more in class, but other than that, I get along with all of them.”

“So would you say that you’re kind of an observer in the classroom and at recess, then say, the one who answers questions first in class or plays the first game on the playground?” Mrs. Murray asked.

“That’s Sophie exactly!” Scottie chimed in.

“We’ve learned a lot about you Sophie, okay Scottie, your turn.” Mrs. Murray said with a smile.

“Finally, my turn!” Scottie began while sitting up on the edge of the sofa, “I have to confess that my real name is Scarlet; I don’t really like it because it sounds too girly for me.”

“Oh, I think Scarlet is a nice name,” Mrs. Murray replied.

“It really doesn’t fit her; Scottie is better,” Sophie added while nodding her head.

“That’s one thing we agree on, sis,” Scottie answered with a giggle. “I also love this ranch but I don’t need water shoes to swim in the pond! In fact, just give me a water mask and I could swim in that pond all day; searching for all sorts of things that swim around in there. Um, Sophie’s probably a little calmer than me and I’d say I’m not that quiet either!”

“You could say that again!” Sophie blurted.

“But,” Scottie continued while glaring at Sophie, “I am a hard worker and I do my chores and homework too; just maybe not right after I get home from school. One chore I do like to do though, is to check on Fuzzy Mama and her baby lamb; her birthing pen is in the barn and Sophie and I take care of her.”

“In what way?”

“We make sure that her soiled straw is changed and we also fill her water bucket and feed her.”

“Her baby has the cutest fuzzy face!” Sophie added with a smile.

“He sure is,” Scottie agreed, “we almost play with him like a puppy, but he likes to stay close to Fuzzy. Anyway, I also love to ride my horse Starburst; she loves to run, so we cover a lot of trails on the ranch!”

“I know, and Firefly has to always be right next to Starburst, so we hardly ever have a calm ride,” Sophie whined.

“Oh you have fun and you know it!” Scottie replied.

“Now Scottie, how would you describe yourself?” Mrs. Murray asked.

“Well, Sophie and I aren’t identical twins, but we do have the same small nose and I guess our smiles are the same too,” Scottie replied while glancing at Sophie. “My hair is wavy and is more of a red color with blonde streaks in it. It can get a little messy, so my hair tie comes in real handy that I keep around my wrist. I have blue eyes and I also like my clothes to be clean, but that’s all I have to say about that subject.”

“What about school?”

“Oh, I like school enough; but I love to play sports and being captain suits me just fine!” Scottie continued, “all of my teachers like me but tell me to settle down at times.”

Sophie began to giggle and nod her head up and down at what Scottie just said.

“Okay Scottie, so would you say that you are more of a leader and like to get things started?” Mrs. Murray asked.

“Yes, Ma’am!” Scottie answered a little loudly.

“Perfect; I think we’ve all learned a lot about you two today,” Mrs. Murray said with a smile while standing up and putting her pen and paper in what looked like a large purse. “I have to leave now, but be sure to tell your mom thanks again for allowing me onto this beautiful ranch to interview you girls.”

“You’re welcome,” Sophie and Scottie both said at the same time as they walked Mrs. Murray to the front door.