Sophie and Scottie Series

Sophie and Scottie’s Adventures of the Monarch Mysterymonarch-cover-3-awards

This is my first book of the Sophie and Scottie Adventure Series. The main characters, Sophie and Scottie, are 11 ½ year old twin sisters who live on a 10,000 acre sheep ranch called Shear Heaven.

The girls aren’t identical twins but have similar features. Their unique personalities complement each other as they share a room, chores, and adventures on the ranch. They soon discover that this summer leads them to many more adventures that they only could dream of… enjoy!

It’s finally summer at Shear Heaven Ranch, and Sophie and Scottie are looking forward to swimming in the cool ponds, climbing the huge oak trees, riding their horses, and taking care of their ewe, Fuzzy Mama. Scottie tells Sophie that she feels as if “something is going to happen to us,” and says they should both be alert to things on their ranch that don’t seem normal. After Mr. Wilson delivers a special package from their globetrotting and eccentric Auntie Jill, they can’t wait to open it! Inside is a magical, multicolor crystal frame with a letter attached explaining that this special gift will show them “many places.” This mysterious present makes the girls wonder what the letter means and if an adventure is ahead.

As night falls on Shear Heaven, the photo in the frame of the strangely familiar Rancho de La Joya hotel starts to move! Will Sophie and Scottie follow the call to adventure? Will they leap into the portal that will transport them thousands of miles away to solve a mystery in Mexico? And will they learn to rely on their instincts with a rather mischievous map that doesn’t trust grownups?

An enchanting story highlighting the beauty and balance of nature, the Mexican culture, and the bravery that girls can display, especially when they work together, Sophie and Scottie’s Adventures of the Monarch Mystery will delight fans of magic and mystery of all ages.

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3-awards-stackedI’m happy to announce that Sophie and Scottie’s Adventures of the Monarch Mystery has received the Readers’ Favorite 2016 International Silver Book Award and Family Magazine Group’s Gold Family Choice Award. These Awards recognize excellence in writing of family friendly products and compliment my Silver Award from Mom’s Choice Awards honoring excellence in family-friendly media, products, and services.